Fantastic! Lithuanian House Features A Contradictory Yet Complementary Mix Of Styles

Fantastic! Lithuanian House Features A Contradictory Yet Complementary Mix Of Styles

somewhere in Vilnius, Lithuania’s biggest city and capital, there’s a lovable and old fashioned residence that’s easy to fall in love with. The residence became designed via Prusta in 2016 but doesn’t have the typical characteristics of present day structures. The component that units apart this one hundred twenty square meter residence from its buddies and other such houses is the way in which it manages to contain a chain of contradictory tendencies and contrasting design factors and to make the whole lot look harmonious.

We’re specially charmed by the choice of materials used throughout the residence which incorporates aged wood and natural timber with a grey tint, marble, stainless-steel, glass, black metallic in addition to an expansion of smooth textiles. The dominant chromatic palette is a collection of warm color tones. a chain of oriental portions (usually rugs) function highlights as well as assets of color and pattern for the areas.

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The designers wanted to preserve spaces as simple and uncluttered as possible with out diminishing their comfort and pleasant environment. This turned into an thrilling mission considering the entirety that we noted up to now. with a purpose to preserve a minimalist design approach, all the highlights have been framed by walls, ceilings and flooring in cool sun shades and with neutral appearances.

The resulted design technique was focused on minimalism with a traditional twist. The spaces were furnished with a aggregate of antique and new portions, a mix of current, industrial and antique/ rustic/ conventional accents. take a look at out this tall bookcase which doubles as a area divider. Its black metal frame is complemented by an abundance of colours distributed on the shelves.

The open space living and dining region sits beneath the sloped but tall timber ceiling and has massive windows that let in masses of natural light and on the equal time connect the interior spaces to their environment. The perspectives aren't splendid and don’t display breathtaking panoramas but they’re very tranquil and fascinating of their personal way.

all of the spaces are furnished with a combination of vintage and new pieces. old cupboards, tables and antique chairs are paired with current wall units and a selection of different contrasting elements. The kitchen, as an example, capabilities an business hood and stainless-steel shelves and worktops which replicate the client’s inclination in the direction of restaurant delicacies and professionalism. The kitchen format is simple, sensible and nicely-ideal for the distance.

The bedrooms too are designed in a contradictory yet complementary manner. Their interiors are a harmonious mixture of functional and ornamental. the master suite suite has a concrete ceiling and matching partitions complemented by means of mild-colored wooden floors, full-top windows, minimalist white wall gadgets and an vintage wood chest. business light furniture, an oriental vicinity rug and ethnic sample highlights entire the decor.

The en-suite rest room is also described by means of simplicity. It has a tiled accent wall, ground tiles in a shade much like that of the wooden used in the bedroom and a stable wooden vanity that holds a metallic bowl sink. It’s separated from the bedroom via sliding glass doorways.

The youngsters’s bedroom are similar in style to the master suite. They’re small but comfy and alluring despite the bare concrete walls and ceilings. They too have rugs with attractive styles and colors, long fabric curtains for the whole-height windows and quirky colour accents.

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