Wonderful! Houzzer Profile: Minwen Ji, Software Engineer


As a member of the Houzz backend crew, Minwen works on infrastructure and platform products to improve the Houzz community enjoy by using making the website quicker and greater dependable. while she’s not operating, Minwen enjoys visiting along with her family to places they’ve in no way been before. Their remaining forestall become Iceland.

Why did you need to come to be a software engineer?I’ve usually appreciated constructing things, however didn’t start coding till i used to be in college. whilst i was a youngster, laptop science turned into just getting commenced in China. In high faculty, the top 4 college students from each province had been sent to a national physics opposition wherein we met professors from the country’s top universities. I met with one professor who provided me the opportunity to attend Tsinghua college and have a look at computer technology. All I knew of computer technology was that it become an thrilling new technology, but I stated sure right away. It’s quite awesome that a decision made by means of a excessive faculty pupil, far from domestic, with out a input from my dad and mom, ought to pressure my lifetime career.

Why did you decide to sign up for Houzz?a few of my friends worked for Houzz and informed me approximately the supportive network subculture they experienced, that is what drew me to use. My interview confirmed what I had heard from my pals and that i couldn’t wait to get started out!

what's the fine component about working at Houzz?From an engineering attitude, I respect the Houzz code evaluate system. It promotes exceptional and productiveness, permitting you to cognizance on the massive picture to enhance the general experience of the Houzz platform for our network.

From a place of work angle, i used to be so pleased to discover that my buddies had been right approximately the lifestyle at Houzz. My unique recognition on the Redis database permits me to have interaction with different teams inside engineering, and i can see that teamwork and collaboration are valued and encouraged on all initiatives.

What Houzz project are you most pleased with?when I joined Houzz final yr, we realized that as Houzz continues to scale, we’d need to become aware of and put in force solutions to handle the growing amount of statistics required to run the platform. Houzz historically used Redis as our principal de facto information storage cache. in the past, as the organization scaled up and we outgrew the storage ability in one Redis server, we’d open a new server and manually move a subset of facts from existing resources to that server. That move wasn’t obvious to the programs in Houzz that get admission to facts from those servers, so we’d should cross again and adjust code for the ones programs. It turned into a totally manual technique.

so that it will automate the programs we use on a each day foundation and create transparency between those packages, we determined emigrate all of our facts from man or woman Redis servers to a Redis Cluster, which lets in us to keep including garage in a greater obvious manner. I’m proud to be part of Houzz’s increase. you could study extra approximately the migration to Redis Cluster at this hyperlink.

what's some thing that has amazed you approximately working for Houzz?I’ve worked on some of large-scale tech business enterprise campuses, so after I commenced working at Houzz, i was surprised at how tons I loved running in downtown Palo Alto. It changed into an surprising feeling of freedom and i like to pop out of doors for a cup of tea or stroll down college street within the friendly crowds.

Is there something that you’ve learned which you’d want to impart on others?continually hold getting to know! live open minded and maintain an eye out for brand new technology on the horizon.

How do you operate Houzz for your non-public life?My husband and that i are within the technique of constructing a brand new home and we use Houzz lots! earlier than hiring our clothier, we checked out her profile on Houzz to make certain she had revel in with the city and the styles we will be incorporating. Now we are the use of Houzz to collaborate together with her on the undertaking. I simply store a photograph to our ideabook and send her the hyperlink, so she knows exactly what i have in mind!


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